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Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 2015 11:34 am

We hope everyone enjoys a fun and relaxing time with family and friends as we celebrate America's freedom.

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How to Clean and Disinfect Wooden Cutting Boards

June 24, 2015 1:26 pm

Wooden cutting boards can be tricky to care for, as you can’t submerge them in water or use soaps on their surfaces. It may seem impossible to get your cutting boards clean, but these smart tips will show you how to properly clean and care for this kitchen essential.

  • Rinse your cutting board after use. Every time you use your cutting board, you should immediately rinse it with water to remove excess food and bacteria. This also makes it easier to clean.
  • Disinfect. To disinfect the cutting board, rinse it once again with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Wipe it with a clean sponge, then let it sit on the surface for a few minutes before wiping it clean.
  • Deodorize. If your cutting board has a smell (from cutting things like onions or meat), use white vinegar to combat the odor.
  • Sanitize. If you’re still unsure about whether or not your cutting board is clean, use a mixture of one teaspoon of bleach in one quart of water, dump it all over the board and let it stand for a few minutes until the last traces of bacteria are gone.
  • Remove stains. If you notice stains on the surface, scrub them with dry, coarse salt until they disappear.

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Happy Father’s Day!

June 21, 2015 11:34 am

Happy Father's Day! We hope all of the Dads out there have a great day with loved ones! Let us know how you plan to help Dad relax today!

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